About Us

Our History

DDM IT is an international project management company. We offer services to clients worldwide, on the foundation of over 40 years of managing information technology investments. With a multi-discipline approach to projects, no one way guarantees success. Understanding the business of our customers drives every action. DDM begins with knowing what leadership wants and the benefits envisioned.

Value of Working with DDMIT

DDM IT operates on principles of leading from the future. We are proponents of seeing the beginning from the end.

  • Each solution is part of the customer's ecosystem
  • Each technology investment builds business value
  • Each project connects to benefits for customers and cost reduction

Business with DDM IT

Timely and high quality delivery are central to the existence of DDM IT:

  • Manage your projects entirely online with access to every project artifact
  • Time is money and every project has scope, budget, and schedule
  • Show project value across your enterprise ecosystem; and efficient costs
  • Secure access to project reporting and stakeholder briefings